What Might Go Wrong During Windshield Installation

Car windshield with raindrops or fog. Autumn.

The windshield protects the driver and other people on board from direct wind, rain, and other harmful elements. It also protects the dashboard. Since the windshield plays such a crucial role, its installation should naturally only be done by experts. Otherwise, problems can and will occur. Here are a few issues that may arise during windshield installation.

Windshield Bursts

Problems can happen even before the actual installation takes place. When windshield glass has to be transported, improper handling can cause near-invisible cracks to form. The glass can therefore break during the installation process. The previous damage to the windshield causes bursts during installation, which, of course, affects windshield tinting as well.

Fortunately, Diamond Auto Glass, your trusted specialist when it comes to windshield repair and replacement in Flagstaff, AZ, makes sure to closely inspect each material before we do the installation.

Air and Water Leaks

Air drafts can find their way into your vehicle due to improper alignment of the seal or wrong adhesives used in installing the windshield. When this occurs, one should consider windshield repair to prevent further damage and safety, especially when driving at high speed.

Similarly, water leaks can happen when there are imperfections in the seal or cracks on the windshield after installation, which causes water to go through it easily. It causes rusting or corrosion on the dashboard, car interior, and engine parts. Therefore, during windshield replacement or installation, proper care should be observed.

Foggy Windshield

The windshield cracks and fails to work properly, resulting in a foggy windshield. This is caused by the wrong adhesives used for sealing the windshield. This can be prevented by using proper adhesives and using the right tools during installation. The quality of the glass material itself should also pass stringent standards .

Anyone looking for expert windshield installation can turn to our team here at Diamond Auto Glass. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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