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What is So Special About Smart Glass and Why Should I Use It?

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Smart glass is an innovative new technology. In simple terms, smart glass is a window that you can brighten or dim with a flick of a switch. It is because of this quick and manual transition that smart glass is also known as switchable glass. The glass tint can be controlled so that is creates an opaque, blurred or slowly darkened backdrop.

The Original Smart Glass

The first type of switchable glass to be produced used a photochromic technology which changed automatically. To better understand this format, imagine you have a pair of sunglasses that tint in sunlight and lighten in overcast skies or during the evening. This is exactly the same way the first smart glass windows performed. Since that invention we have seen various types of smart glass enter the marketplace.

The New Smart Glass

With thanks to cutting edge chemistry, you now have complete control over how much light will be let into a space that contains switchable glass. These special inserts within panes of glass let you use a switch to essentially turn on or off the amount of sunlight you desire in a room or setting. There are three specific new forms of smart glass and they include:

  1. Suspended Particle Devices

Two panes of glass are covered with a conductive glaze with particles suspended between them in a liquid film. When switched off light is blocked so a room can be darkened. With electricity switched on, the particles line up which lets light flow through.

  1. Liquid Crystals

We’ve all had liquid crystal exposure thanks to digital watches and clocks in personal and professional applications. This is the very same only when power is on light moves through and when power is off, the liquid crystal forms a blockage that keeps light out and darkens an area.

  1. Electrochromic Glass

These work opposite to the other two types in that when power is applied the windows go dark and when power is off the windows are light. The main difference in this type of smart glass is that various shades of light can be controlled which means a room can be lightened or darkened in various steps.

What is So Special About Smart Glass?

Probably the largest advantage to why you should use smart glass comes from the energy-efficient operation of the product. However, when this technology is applied to commercial buildings it also eliminates the need for blinds or any other kind of window covering which reduces cost and maintenance or repair of those window coverings. This important benefit has had a great deal to do with smart glass moving into the mainstream marketplace and becoming a feature in the new construction of residential homes.

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