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Ways to Maintain Your Smart Glass

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Every part of your car needs regular maintenance to function efficiently and allow all other car features to work cohesively. Just like your brakes, engine, and other components, your smart glass needs attention to work properly. Our team of experts here at Diamond Auto Glass, the leading provider of smart glass installation in Phoenix, AZ, outlines a few smart glass maintenance tips to help you avoid extra expenses and hassle.

Park in A Safe Space

It’s always better to protect your vehicle from damage than to repair it. One of the ways you can do so is by avoiding parking your vehicle near buildings. This lets you prevent the various objects thrown out of the windows from hitting your car. Parking away from trees can also help you avoid having to clean up bird droppings from your vehicle and automotive smart glass.

Keep A Safe Distance from Other Motorists While Driving

Driving too close to other vehicles can result in chips and cracks on your smart glass due to the flying debris and gravel that’s kicked up from the road by nearby vehicles. To avoid this problem, maintain a reasonable distance from the vehicle in front. This can also help prevent any damage to your windows if any object gets thrown out the windows of the car ahead.

Clean Your Smart Glass Regularly

Clean your smart glass regularly using only good quality glass cleaner, preferably one that’s been approved by your smart glass services provider. To avoid unnecessary costs associated with unplanned smart glass replacement, avoid using glass cleaners containing harsh chemicals, alcohol, or ammonia ingredients.

Get Replacements and Repairs When Needed

When you notice any damage to your smart glass, it’s wise to get it inspected and fixed right away. Schedule a smart glass repair service with us to avoid any further damage.

For professional smart glass services, contact Diamond Auto Glass today.

Diamond Auto Glass Arizona
Call 928-779-4140 Serving locations across Arizona.
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