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Signs Your Windshield Tint is Beyond Repair

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A notable feature of any vehicle is the windshield. This large piece of glass protects you from harsh wind, debris, and other outside elements. While most car owners never give their windshield a second thought, not everyone knows when a tinted windshield needs replaced. Window tinting is designed to last a long time, but there will come a time when it needs to be repaired or redone. But knowing what to look for isn't always cut and dry.

Here are three signs that your windshield tint is beyond repair and how window tinting replacement in Flagstaff, AZ courtesy of Diamond Auto Glass can help.

The Tint Has Odd Bulges

Having weird bulges in the tint of your windshield can happen for several reasons. In addition to manufacturer errors, the technician may not be experienced in the tinting process. Applying tint to a windshield requires careful precision. If it’s rushed, bulges may appear in the tint. Bulging isn't always a cause for alarm, but you should get window tinting repair in Flagstaff, AZ to correct the issue.

The Edges of the Film are Peeling Off

As time goes on, the tint of your windshield may lose its efficiency. One sign that the windshield tint is too old is when the tint starts to peel. This also applies to vehicles that are in hot temperatures for long periods of time. To fix this, you’re going to need a new layer of car window tinting in Flagstaff, AZ.

The Tint is Scraped

This sign is something you must take care of as soon as you find it. If the windshield tinting in Flagstaff, AZ is scraped, it can actually cause increased air pressure while driving, which in turn, can cause damage to the windshield.

Unfortunately, even tiny cracks can spread throughout your windshield and ultimately shatter. If you do notice cracks in your windshield, play it safe and see a windshield specialist as soon as possible.

Looking for reputable windshield tinting services in Flagstaff, AZ? Diamond Auto Glass is here to help. Contact us for an appointment by calling us or filling out the online form.

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