Signs of Poor Quality Car Window Tinting Application

The wizard for installing additional equipment sticks a tint film on the side front glass of the car and flattens it by hand to fit the glass with a greenish tint in the auto service.

When you want to get your car window tinted, one thing to always look out for are the differences in quality. Cheaply made window films are often thin and, unsurprisingly, do not last very long — a far cry from the top-grade windshield tinting in Winslow, AZ offered by Diamond Auto Glass.

Needless to say, it is essential that you get quality car window tinting if you want your vehicle to maintain its value and keep it looking good. Don’t settle for less; watch out for the following signs of shoddy windshield tint workmanship.

Duration of the Process

An auto glass technician can carry out windshield tinting services quickly yet efficiently. Nevertheless, the quality of the tint job can vary widely, depending on the material used, adhesive, and the installer’s skill level. Of course, there are factors such as the size of the windshields and whether an old tint has to be removed that determine how fast the tint can be applied.

However, window tinting repair or replacement and other tinting jobs are not something that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Have the mind to inspect the quality of work if the tint was installed in a suspiciously short period of time.


Bubbles form when air gets trapped between the window and film during application. Bubbles form for several reasons, including low-quality film or too much adhesive during installation. They can also cause glare when driving at night, making it harder to see the road ahead. There’s no practical way to remove them without having a window tinting replacement of the entire film when this happens.

Uneven application

The film should be applied smoothly across your entire windshield, side windows, and back windows. If it’s not evenly applied, it won’t look right and may interfere with your visibility when driving at night or in low light conditions, which can be very dangerous for you as a driver and for your passengers.

Stains or Spots

Stained windows generally indicate that substandard adhesive was used during installation. In some cases, stains occur if water gets behind the film while it’s still curing — usually due to improper installation technique or low-quality film. If stains appear after a while, they may be due to poor materials or an inferior adhesive that breaks down over time.

When it comes to windshield tinting, you have a choice. Always trust the pros like Diamond Auto Glass. Contact us today.

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