Signs of a Failed Mobile Auto Glass Repair

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Suppose you’ve recently had auto glass repair in Phoenix, AZ. if you didn’t get this service from Diamond Auto Glass, you might want to keep an eye out for signs of a failed auto glass repair because unfortunately, some automotive service providers do not use the proper supplies or processes to replace or repair windshields. This oversight can put drivers and passengers at risk for injuries and other accidents.

Watch out for the following signs of shoddy mobile auto glass repair workmanship.

Windshield Looks Curved or Crooked

When you glance out of the window after an auto glass replacement and your windshield appears crooked or looks like it has a wavy pattern, the issues might suggest that the technicians didn’t repair the auto glass correctly. The ‘crooked appearance’ usually happens after your windshield has shifted, even though the movement is so minor that gazing at your car may not reveal anything.

You may notice that things look wavy when looking out the window. If you’re only experiencing this issue after getting the windshields repaired, then you might have to take this issue up with whoever provided you auto glass services last.

The Windshield Is Damaged by a Minor Impact

If, after mending the break in the windshield, it is damaged or dislodged again by even a slight impact, you can interpret this as an indication of poor auto glass repair work. Poor quality adhesives or a shorter drying period might contribute to this, as can non-professional tools and an unreliable method of operation. For such cases, the likelihood of the initial chip expanding is considerable, which can have disastrous effects.

At Diamond Auto Glass, we have a reputation for providing excellent mobile auto glass repair services. If you already have a pre-installed windshield and have noticed any alarming signs, contact us right away. Schedule a consultation with our team today.

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