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Northern Arizona Windshield Tinting

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Car & Truck Windshield Tints for Northern Arizona

Windshield tinting isn’t just for making your vehicle look cool. A tint regulates internal heat and protects the driver from a blinding Arizona sun-glare. A professional tint installation is a practical addition that boosts your vehicle’s overall safety. Windshield tinting makes the interior of your vehicle less visible to those who pass by. This decreases the likelihood of a thief stealing personal belongings. If you’re frequently on the road or park in public areas, a windshield tint protects your belongings and makes driving much safer.

About Windshield Tinting

Tints are created using a protective window film. The thin material controls UV light, heat, glare, and privacy. Window films come in a variety of colors and performance. The lower the percentage on your window film, the darker the tint. A window film enhances eye comfort while driving, protects from UV rays, saves energy, and raises your vehicle’s privacy.

Despite misconceptions, windshield tinting is not illegal. State laws regulate the amount of darkness allowed per vehicle. Windshield tinting is legal in Arizona as long as your tint is within the state’s requirements. At Diamond Auto Glass, we’re familiar and experienced in Arizona’s tinting regulations, so we guarantee your tint won’t be an issue.

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Benefits Windshield Tinting

UV rays obstruct visibility, make it difficult to drive, and increase your risk of an accident. Sunglasses are handy but they don’t always protect you from sun-glare. Windshield tinting is the best way to protect your eyes out on the road. Tinted glass prevents 99% of UV rays from entering your vehicle. This creates smoother driving with much less squinting.

We know the sun is hot in northern Arizona, so a professional tinting treatment saves you money in energy costs. Tinting protects your vehicle from the sun’s scorching rays. If you leave your car sitting in the sunshine, you won’t have to blast the AC and wait for your vehicle to cool down thanks to your tinted windshield.

Tinting improves the privacy of your vehicle. If you leave your car parked in public areas, tinted windows make it harder for a thief to scope out what’s inside your vehicle. Darkened windows keep your vehicle and the belongings inside it safe and sound. A high-quality tinted windshield also leads to better privacy while driving, which is always a benefit.

Tinted windshields are stronger than non-tinted ones. Tinting increases your windshield’s durability and makes it more difficult to shatter. This is good news if you’re in a car accident or if debris flies into your windshield while driving. The protective layer of film prevents severe damages to your windshield to ensure a safer ride.

Diamond Auto Glass Windshield Tinting Services

Windshield tinting should be completed by a professional team to guarantee complete safety. Our expert and qualified technicians serve northern Arizona with high-quality windshield tinting services that comply with state regulations. Our team’s expertise, knowledge, and passion for windshield tinting allow for fast and beautiful work. With a proper tiny, get ready to see clearly behind the wheel. You’ll be amazed at how much you love your new windshield after a visit with our talented tinters.

Diamond Auto Glass Arizona
Call 928-779-4140 Serving locations across Arizona.

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