Making Your Car Window Tinting Last

The process of tinting the glass of the car in the workshop for the installation of additional equipment with an unstuck protective film

Your car window tinting serves several purposes, one of which is to offer protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. The other function is so that the vehicle owners such as yourself won’t be affected by the glare of the sun when driving during daytime. Since windshield tints are essential, it’s in your best interest to preserve the condition of your tinting.

Diamond Auto Glass is the leading expert in windshield tinting in Phoenix, AZ, and we’re here to help you make your car tint last.

Get the Glass Cleaned Prior

We always advise our clients to get their windshield cleaned prior to any windshield tinting services. This is so that the tint film has a smooth, clean surface to adhere to, increasing the success rate of the installation process. We typically make sure that this is the case as part of our stringent car tinting procedures.

Keep Windows Up

When you bring your car to us for window tinting repair, it’s important to remember to not roll down your windows for at least a few days after the repairs were done. Doing so helps ensure that the tint film has had ample time to set and fully adhere to the auto glass window so that there are no ‘bubbles’ or air pockets and peeling.

Avoid Parking Under the Sun

While parking under direct sunlight sometimes cannot be completely avoided, you’re likely to need a window tinting replacement sooner if the tint keeps getting exposed to the heat of the sun for longer periods of time. Of course, there’s nothing that can be done when you have to drive on a sunny day, but when parking, try to find some shade so your tint isn’t needlessly exposed to the elements.

To keep you and your car protected, only trust the pros for windshield tint installation. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today for an appointment.

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