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A chipped or cracked windshield is far more than an annoying and unsightly blemish on your vehicle. It can actually be a major safety issue. Are you aware of the fact that you are far more likely to get into an automobile accident when driving with a damaged windshield? There is absolutely zero need to risk your own life and the lives of your passengers, let alone the lives of other drivers on the road. A windshield that is compromised or has not been properly set and glued into place may very well pop out during an accident.

The windshield itself provides much needed structural support for the vehicle. That means if it is installed incorrectly it could actually cause the roof to collapse. That is why it is so important to only work with a trusted, reliable, and highly experienced auto glass replacement expert in the Flagstaff, Arizona area. The windshield plays a large role in the overall structural integrity of the automobile, and helps to protect occupants during an accident. This holds especially true in a rollover accident.

Although many small chips and cracks can be fixed, if they expand to the length and width of a credit card than in most cases the windshield should be replaced. The standard windshield is comprised of two transparent

pieces of glass that are attached to each other by a clear vinyl resin in the center. The resin is strong enough to keep the glass in place during the impact from an accident. It also prevents the shards of glass from flying, which of course would otherwise cause serious injuries or even death.

When a chip or crack penetrates the vinyl resin layer the windshield is no longer able to endure further impact. In essence it will fail to do its job of properly protecting the driver and passengers. In addition, if the crack is large it will certainly impact the driver’s vision. It is extremely important to only work with a professional, like Diamond Auto Glass, that incorporates the use of the proper tools and expertise in order to complete the job correctly. The entire windshield replacement process should take about an hour from start to finish.

After the damaged windshield is safely removed, an experienced technician will replace the rubberized weather stripping. It actually holds the unit to the frame of the automobile along the edges of the glass. A coating of adhesive material is then applied to the edges of the windshield frame. Most late model cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles contain windshields that are glued in place. That means that the old windshields must be first cut out, and then the vehicle must be cleaned and prepped. The new windshield, along with the moldings is then installed. The glue must cure or dry properly before the automobile can be driven.

With Diamond Auto Glass the difference is clear. We have been serving the local community in Flagstaff, Arizona for over thirty-five years, and are extremely proud to be a leader in the auto glass replacement industry. Please contact us right away if you have a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield. Your safety is our number one priority.

Most drivers take their windshield for granted, that is unless they are having trouble seeing through it. That being said, if your windshield is damaged do you truly know what to look for when hiring a reputable windshield replacement company? Most consumers do not, and that may very lead you down the path of relying on someone that does inferior work. Since windshields are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle it is extremely important to only work with a company that is an expert in the field, like Diamond Auto Glass.

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