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You are driving along when all of a sudden you hear that whack sound that can only mean one thing. A rock or pebble just bounced off of your windshield. In an instant a dime sized chip appears right before your eyes. Not only does it obstruct your field of view, this dime-sized chip will soon sprout into a crack that will quickly turn into a spider maze of larger cracks. In the not too distant past even a small chip or crack in your glass windshield required replacement of the entire unit.

Thanks to advanced glass repair technology it is now possible for forward thinking companies, like Diamond Auto Glass to repair windshield in certain situations instead of completely replacing them. This not only saves you money, it is also considerably healthier for the environment. The bottom line is why scrap something when it can be repaired instead. That being said, even the best windshield repair techniques certainly have their limits. If you try to ignore the small chip or crack and continue to drive with it in that condition than your windshield may become damaged to the point of no return.

At that point a more expensive windshield replacement will be in order. So how do windshield repair and replacement companies determine which service you need? It all depends on the size, state, and location of the damage in question. Diamond Auto Glass has the ability to repair quarter-sized chips, and cracks that are upwards of six inches long. If the chips or cracks are any bigger than we highly recommend a windshield replacement. The location of the damage is also a large determining factor.

Typically speaking cracks that are located at the edge of your windshield will not only spread faster, they also compromise the structural integrity of the glass contained within the windshield. If you find yourself in this situation, than we will advise a full windshield replacement instead of a repair. There are certain cases where a small chip is located in the driver’s direct line of vision. If the repair process will leave even a slight distortion in the glass than we also highly recommend a complete windshield replacement.

The key is to avoid compromising the driver’s vision at all times. That being said, it simply does not matter how small or large the chip or crack actually is. Having it repaired quickly will go a long way towards the overall safe operation of the vehicle in question. If you happen to wait a while before having it fixed than dirt may work its way into the damaged area, which will negatively affect the clarify of the repair job. Windshield damage can certainly be a nuisance that may very well render your car, truck, or sports utility vehicle unsafe to drive.

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