Diamond Auto Glass Arizona Windshield Replacement

What to Know When Replacing a Windshield on a Honda Element

If you are having your Honda Element windshield replaced, it’s important that you take it to a professional. The process of removing and reinstalling the windshield on this make and model is generally more complicated than the average vehicle.

Before removing the windshield, there is a great deal of preparation that needs to happen. Windshield wipers and their nut covers will need to be removed first, along with the cowl panel. While the cowl panel is made up of two pieces, it is easier to remove as one. Removing the side moldings is one of the more difficult parts, as it requires sharp strikes on the back edge of the molding. Having a professional do this can prevent additional and unnecessary damage. Following the removal of the molding, there is a clip system that requires a three-part assembly.

After these steps, the windshield can be removed. However, contaminants and other chemicals need to be removed from the glass first, so it does not have contact with the urethane. Then the windshield will need to be cut out in sections; the bottom half of the glass typically comes out last. Once it is completely removed, the pinchweld and dashboard should be cleaned. Dry fitting the glass typically needs two technicians for this vehicle, which is another reason to go to a business to have this fixed rather than do it on your own.

To set the windshield, the old urethane needs to be removed and then reapplied. Applying the substance requires another series of steps to make sure it is done correctly. It cannot be disturbed or touched with any chemicals or debris while it dries. Once dried, it should be inspected for leaks before reinstalling the windshield wipers and cowl panel.

At Diamond Auto Glass, our team of professionals and experts are ready to perform this service for all of our customers in Flagstaff and the nearby communities in Arizona. It’s important to ensure that the process is done correctly, and the experts are fully prepared to do so for any type of car, including Honda Elements. Give our team a call at Diamond Auto Glass and see how we can do this for you!