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Is Smart Glass Replacement Expensive?

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Is Smart Glass Replacement Expensive?

When you're considering automotive smart glass for your vehicle in the Flagstaff, AZ area, Diamond Auto Glass is a great option for professional and affordable installation. 'Smart glass' is really a term for glass that has had any sort of coating or enhancement added to it, ranging from protective coatings to special electronic additions. Smart glass offers a host of benefits, but is it a cost-effective option?

Benefits of Smart Glass Installation

There are several smart glass installation services, with a variety of different benefits. Listed below are some of the more common features, and how they can provide true value for your money.

Rain Sensors

These sensors make driving safer by detecting when your wipers need to turn on and what speed they need to be, based on the amount of rain.

Heated Windshields

Windshields equipped with smart glass that can heat themselves make defrosting ice and snow much quicker.

Self-Tinting Glass

This smart glass feature allows you to manually adjust the level of tint in the windows, blocking out sharp glare and UV rays.

Lane Switching Warning Censor

Some smart glass are equipped with a built-in mini camera that can detect if your vehicle starts to veer into another lane, helping to prevent potential accidents.

Clearly, making the decision to have smart glass services performed for your vehicle can make driving more comfortable and significantly safer. So, is smart glass expensive? When you weigh the benefits you’ll reap versus the initial cost of installation, it’s clear to see that it’s an investment worth making. The difference it can make in your driving experience will surely speak for itself!

Smart Glass Replacement in Flagstaff, AZ

Whether you need to have smart glass added to your vehicle for the first time, or even if you just need assistance with smart glass replacement in Flagstaff, AZ, Diamond Auto Glass can provide you with superior services. 

Contact us today to start enjoying the quality of improvements that smart glass can bring.

Diamond Auto Glass Arizona
Call 928-779-4140 Serving locations across Arizona.
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