Is It Okay Not To Tint Your Windshield?

Applying tinting foil onto a car window in a workshop

While the sun’s rays provide various benefits to the human body, unprotected sun exposure can be quite harmful. The same principle applies even when you’re just driving around. As such, protecting yourself and your passengers against UV rays by getting car window tinting is definitely a smart move.

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There’s no doubt that the glare from the morning or afternoon sun can significantly reduce your ability to see clearly, which can be dangerous when driving. On top of giving your car a trendy look, windshield tinting offers both health and safety benefits. It improves road visibility, minimizes the effects of harmful UV rays and excessive brightness, and protects your car’s interior from harsh rays.

However, you should also be aware of the dangers of excessive window tinting and the risks involved with improper film application.

Legal Restrictions on Windshield Tinting

There are additional factors to consider when it comes to window tinting replacement and tinting your windshields. Any form of windshield treatment should not obstruct your vision when driving, especially at night. In Arizona, the law mandates the application of a non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line for your windshield. Anything darker is not required by law. However, you can opt for darker tints in the rear windows as there are no legal restrictions on these areas.

There’s no doubt as to whether you should protect yourself from the sun, especially in the intense Arizona heat. The reduction in heat, glare, and UV rays from window tinting for your windshield will greatly improve your overall driving experience. If you ever find yourself asking whether or not you should tint your car windows and windshields, consider the above-mentioned points from window tinting repair experts.

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