How to Protect Your Side Windows

side rain guards

Side windows tend to get overlooked, but they actually need a lot of care and protection as they can easily get damaged or even break. To ensure a good long-lasting side window, you should always employ the service of professionals like Diamond Auto Glass. We specialize in auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ, and we can tell you all about how to keep your automotive windows protected.

Auto glass replacement can be costly, but luckily, there are some easy ways to protect your side windows from getting damaged. A few of these protective measures include the following.

Side Window Deflectors

Side window deflectors, also known as window visors or rain guards, allow you to open your window slightly and let in fresh air even while driving in rainy or snowy conditions. Side window deflectors keep rain and debris from getting inside the vehicle even when the windows are slightly open. These window deflectors are commonly placed above the door frame and can be easily removed when required.

Side Window Tinting

Side window tinting can also protect your side windows from damage by preventing sun rays from entering your side windows during the day. It helps reduce glare while giving you privacy. Window tint also helps protect you against eye fatigue. Side window tinting is available in different shades and customized according to your desire. Most providers of auto glass services offer window tinting, so this is a particularly easy step to follow.

These are all just preventive measures, and your side windows can still get dented and cracked due to unforeseen circumstances. Take comfort in the fact that Diamond Auto Glass offers highly efficient mobile auto glass repair services, and we can get your side windows looking and working like new again.

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