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How Smart Glass Can Save Fuel

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How Smart Glass Can Save Fuel

There’s a significant aspect to a smart glass installation in Phoenix, AZ in that it not only keeps car interiors cool and comfortable, but it might also boost a car’s fuel efficiency or even electric range. Diamond Auto Glass talks about the ways that your smart glass can save your car some fuel.

Saving on Energy and Fuel

Because smart glass helps regulate your car’s interior temperature, the upshot is that the air condition system won’t have to work as hard to provide a cooler environment. Your car’s air conditioning system takes a lot of energy to run its compressors, and less heat to regulate means less fuel use. And that’s basically how having automotive smart glass can help you save on fuel.

The Protective Effects of Smart Glass

The benefits of your vehicle’s interior comfort are not to be overlooked. Keeping the piping hot surface of your vehicle’s upholstery that’s been sitting in the sun to a more temperate range means not subjecting yourself to first degree burns when getting inside your car. Smart glass also has features that protect your car’s upholstery against the detrimental effects of the Arizona heat, especially if you’ve got leather seats. 

Automotive smart glass regulates your vehicle’s interior temperatures using suspended particle device (SPD) technology that can tint vehicle glass to block potentially damaging ultraviolet light and can protect against overheating caused by infrared.

How Does an SPD Work?

The SPD involves two panes of glass and suspended particles in a conductive glaze between them. These particles align in reaction to an electric current and clear the tint by allowing light to pass through. When power stops, however, these same particles scatter and darken the surface by as much as 99.5 percent.

Ask your car mechanic about your options on your next smart glass replacement appointment.

Call the Experts

As a result of 30+ years of investment in passenger and vehicle safety equipment and technology, including smart glass repair and services, Diamond Auto Glass has become an Arizona-based leading specialist in the industry.

For fuel-saving smart glass services, contact the skilled technicians at Diamond Auto Glass today.

Diamond Auto Glass Arizona
Call 928-779-4140 Serving locations across Arizona.
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