How Effective Is Auto Glass Tinting on Blocking UV Rays?

Is auto glass tinting really effective in blocking out damaging UV rays?

The short answer? A good car window tint can block out 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. But it doesn’t stop there. Car tints will protect your car’s interior from the UV rays to some degree and add overall value to your vehicle.

Auto Glass Tinting At Work

UV rays from the sun can cause irreparable damage. These rays can affect you even if you’re driving inside the car, as it can enter through the windows.

A typical side window car tint can only block around 65% of the sun’s UV rays. The SPF rating of these tints are somewhere around 16, which is the lowest SPF value in sunscreens.

Did you know that UV rays cause havoc at a cellular level? It can cause our skin to become leathery, develop age spots and lead to premature wrinkles. The sun’s UV rays are responsible for more than 90% of skin cancer cases; it is believed that there’s a link between the length of sun exposure behind the wheel and skin cancer.

This makes sense for people who are always on the road, i.e., truck drivers, traveling salesmen, etc. Clear and untinted side windows can only block around 37% UVA radiation, which doesn’t cause severe sunburn but can be just as harmful when exposed to in the long run.

The best analogy to installing a window tint is when you apply sunscreen lotion on your skin. An auto glass tint doesn’t absorb or refract the UV rays. Instead, it blocks the sun and reflects it back out. You get an extra layer of protection. The best thing about window tints is that they work in keeping the UV rays out while still making the window clear enough to see through. Your vision is wholly unaffected no matter the time of day.

Overexposure to the sun’s rays will cause your interior to undergo a phenomenon called “the bleaching effect”. This will cause the interior panel, leather and any upholstery to look faded.

Adding a tint will protect the investment you put to stylize your vehicle’s interior. Your carpeting and seats won’t fade as much as a car without a good tint. It also helps lessen the amount of heat that enters your car through the windows. Hard surfaces such as dashboards will have a lesser likelihood to warp, melt or crack due to the intense heat while your car is parked. Your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to cool down the interior temperature of your car.

Concerned About Sun Exposure Inside Your Car?

Window tinting is a small investment with huge benefits. If you’re worried about the level of UV exposure or if you’re spending the better part of the day driving, then it makes sense to make your car the safest it can be.

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