How Auto Glass Protects Vehicle Occupants

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Auto glass is a critical component of the structure of any vehicle and helps keep occupants safe in the event of a crash or other collision. Autoglass helps protect vehicle occupants by providing a shield of protection between them and external forces. Autoglass also helps provide a barrier against flying debris and other potential hazards that could otherwise cause injury. As the expert in auto glass repair in Flagstaff, AZ, Diamond Auto Glass is well-versed in the role that auto glass plays in passenger safety.

1. It acts as a physical barrier between occupants and external forces

Auto glass is typically laminated or tempered, which is composed of multiple layers. The inner layer of glass is flexible and acts as a cushion or shock absorber if an external force is applied to the glass, providing extra protection against a head-on impact or the jarring from a side-impact collision. Ask your auto glass services provider for more information about the type of glass your vehicle has.

2. Specially designed to keep together in case of shattering

One of the ways auto glass is geared towards passenger safety is that it will adhere together even when it shatters. This helps reduce the risk of occupants being cut by glass shards and can reduce the severity of injury such as glass cuts in the event of a crash. Of course you’ll still need an auto glass replacement after the fact, but In this way, auto glass is designed to absorb the impact of an external force and help keep vehicle occupants safe.

3. It helps by providing a barrier against flying debris and other hazards

Auto glass is designed to behave like a shield, helping protect the occupants from potential projectiles that could cause harm.

4. Protects against harmful UV rays

Driving during daytime has its challenges, but you won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays since windshields have specialized tints that protect against these. Don’t have tinted windshields? Ask your mobile auto glass repair technician for an upgrade.

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