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Why Peoria Car Owners Should Get Their Windshields Tinted

It is no secret that as Arizonans, ourselves and our vehicles, endure scorching hot to mildly warm temperatures year-round. While days of sunshine are lovely, it is specifically important for Peoria car owners to make sure you are protecting your vehicles from harmful ultraviolet rays. Windshield tinting is an excellent way to prevent unnecessary damage to your car’s interior while …

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What to Know When Replacing a Windshield on a Honda Element

If you are having your Honda Element windshield replaced, it’s important that you take it to a professional. The process of removing and reinstalling the windshield on this make and model is generally more complicated than the average vehicle.

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How Do We Replace Windshields Damaged by an Arizona Winter?

The holiday season – and its attendant cold weather – doesn’t just stress out busy shoppers or families. Your car’s windshield is also under stress, albeit of a different kind. If you have any cracks in your windshield, it’s best to have them attended to quickly. Sudden freezing temperatures can cause expansion and contraction of your window glass, and a …

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How RV Window Repair Works

Problems in windows like chipping are usually caused by rocks, pebbles, flying road debris, a stray baseball, or some other unfortunate event. Have you experienced this recently? Then window repair is best for you! But how does RV window repair work?

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When and When Not to Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is a convenient feature that’s standard in most cars today. Many drivers like the feature because it allows them to stay at one speed while they are traveling long distances. The feature, which is an electronic device that locks the accelerator in place, is ideal for use on the interstate or other long roadways that have few traffic …

How Effective Is Auto Glass Tinting on Blocking UV Rays?

Is auto glass tinting really effective in blocking out damaging UV rays? The short answer? A good car window tint can block out 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. But it doesn’t stop there. Car tints will protect your car’s interior from the UV rays to some degree and add overall value to your vehicle. UV rays from …

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What Is So Special About Smart Glass and Why Should I Use It?

Smart glass is an innovative new technology. In simple terms, smart glass is a window that you can brighten or dim with a flick of a switch. It is because of this quick and manual transition that smart glass is also known as switchable glass. The glass tint can be controlled so that is creates an opaque, blurred or slowly …

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Don’t Squint, Get Tint!

If you have thought about having your vehicle windows tinted, but weren’t sure if it was worth the price, now you know that there are multiple benefits to this auto glass service. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today or visit one of their 10 convenient locations to learn more about the auto glass services they have available. You can also request …

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5 Ways to Keep Your RV’s Windshield Safe and Sound This Winter

Drivers in northern Arizona are encouraged to stay safe while traveling on the dangerous highways and mountain roads during the peak of winter. This past winter season, Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of Transportation warned motorists to take precaution, dress in layers and plan their route ahead of time when heading out in harsh winter weather conditions. While …

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Why Should I Get a Small Crack Repaired in My Windshield?

Have you ever thought about how important car windshields are? That almost invisible glass layer that sits before you while you drive has many critical functions, so it is important to keep it in top shape. Why are windshields important? First of all, they keep debris from hitting you on your face. They also trap heat inside your car when …