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Do You Need Window Tinting Repair?

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Do You Need Window Tinting Repair?

Tinted windows are a must-have for many car owners, but what happens to the tint if the glass is damaged? Is it necessary to replace it? Is it possible to fix the damaged glass while preserving the tint?

At Diamond Auto Glass, we offer top-notch windshield repair and replacement in Winslow, AZ

We’re not only experts in windshield installation, we also specialize in window tint repair. We’d be more than happy to provide answers and solutions to all your windshield tinting concerns. Does your window tint need to be repaired? Find out below.

Repairing the Tint on a Damaged Windshield

A slightly cracked or chipped windshield can pose a significant risk to your safety. At the very least, even minor flaws are and can be an eyesore. If left unchecked, the tinting on the damaged area may start loosening and eventually peel away from the glass. When this happens, repairs of a larger scale would have to be done instead of regular tinting and windshield repair.

The Process of Tinted Windshield Repair

Minor repairs for an untinted windshield are pretty straightforward. However, that’s not always the case for tinted windshields. If either the glass or the tint has been damaged, here’s how we go about repairing it.

  • Removing the tint surrounding the damaged area of the windshield
  • Thoroughly cleaning the damaged area to remove all debris
  • Injecting a liquid resin into the crack or chip to cover the damaged area
  • Reapplying the new tint film after the resin dries completely

In some cases, we’d have to resort to replacing the entire glass, along with the windshield tinting. And because the process is quite technical, we strongly advise against home-based or DIY procedures. For the best outcome, look for a reputable car shop that specializes in repairing window tints.

Is your windshield tint peeling off? Rather than wait and incur extra costs, contact us today and get the service you need.

Diamond Auto Glass Arizona
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