Common Auto Glass Issues

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It’s easy to take your car’s windshield for granted. You get in, start the engine, and drive off without a second thought. But what would you do if your windshield suddenly cracked or shattered? It’s important to be aware of the most common auto glass issues so that you can be prepared if and when they happen and require auto glass repair in Phoenix, AZ.

The following are the common auto glass problems according to Diamond Auto Glass your trusted auto glass services provider.

Cracks and Chips

Two of the most common problems that plague car windshields are cracks and chips. These issues can be caused by a wide range of things, from flying debris to temperature changes. If you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, it’s important to seel immediate mobile auto glass repair. Otherwise, the damage will only get worse over time.

When cracks and chips are not fixed promptly, they not only become unsightly, they also become safety hazards when they start to obstruct your vision while driving.

Improper Installation

You’re bound to encounter problems when your auto glass installation was not done properly. There’s a risk that your windshield might pop out of the bracket. Worse yet, this could happen while you’re driving, posing risks not just to you but everyone else on the road.

Due for a Replacement

There are indicators that will clue you in that an auto glass replacement is due, and if you’re not careful, you might overlook those signs. Windshields that need to be replaced will usually show symptoms of wear and tear. If your auto glass is not as clear as it used to be regardless of how much you wash it, you might be better off scheduling a windshield replacement.

Cracks in the Sealant

If you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, it’s especially important to keep an eye on the condition of your windshield sealant. Snow and ice can cause the sealant to crack and peel, making it easier for water to get in and damage your windshield. It will be best to consider mobile auto glass repair, especially when it is snowing.

By being aware of the most common problems with car windshields, you can be prepared if and when they happen. Contact Diamond Auto Glass today for all of your auto glass needs.

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